Fotograf, #29 contemplation, "Mary Ellen Bartley, Between the Spiritual and the Abstract" by Pavel Banka, volume 16, 2017, Prague, CZ

The Tactile Eyeby Mary Ellen Bartley, twelve page insert in Afterimage, The Journal of Media Arts and Cultural Criticism, Volume 44 Nos 1&2, Summer 2016

Reading Robert Wilson, hand-bound artist book, Watermill Center Study Library, 2015

Still Books, Mary Ellen Bartley, The Southampton Review, Stony Brook University, Spring 2015

20 NOW: Contemporary Photographers, by Nagasaki Shaw and Summer Hung

From Adam Fuss to David Hillard's panoramic photography, the book shows different
approaches and ideas to the medium of contemporary photography.

The book features the work of 20 contemporary photographers:
Adam Fuss, Alexander Binder, Alexey Titarenko, Antoine D'Agata, Danielle Levitt, David Hillard,Desiree Dolron, Drvden Goodwin, Giacomo Brunelli, Jessica Sue Lavton,Julia Fullerton Batten, Mary Ellen Bartley, Nicholas Hughes, Oswan Gwon, Paolo Ventura, Phiip Lorca diCorcia, Roger Ballen, Tom Hunter and Hiroshi Watanabe.

Cite Group, Style publisher, 2012


Ordinary Pictures, Walker Art Center, text by Eric Crosby, Thomas Beard, Misa Jeffereis, Lane Relyea and Eva Respini, 2016

Fotofest 2016 Biennial Catalogue, essay "Mary Ellen Bartley, Standing Open" by David Drake, 2016 

Mary Ellen Bartley: Leaning Above the Page, Guild Hall Museum, Interview with Ross Bleckner, 2014

Book Ends, Photographs by Cara Barer and Mary Ellen Bartley, Center for Photographic Art, forward Jerry Takigawa, 2014

Online Magazines

LENSCULTURE MAGAZINE,  "Push 2 Stops, and More", essay by Andrew Kensett, 8/26/14

FRACTION MAGAZINE, Issue 36, "Artists and Models", published by David Bram, 3/1/12

UNLESS YOU WILL, Issue 17, "Standing Open", published by Heidi Romano, 5/8/11